Rabih Moussawi

Katherine and Richard Salisbury Endowed Professor

Associate Professor, Finance

Villanova University

Department of Finance & Real Estate

Bartley Hall Rm 2051

800 E Lancaster Avenue

Villanova, PA 19085 Résumé

Email: rabih.moussawi@villanova.edu

Phone: (610) 519-8544

Homepage: http://www.homepage.villanova.edu/rabih.moussawi

SSRN: http://www.ssrn.com/author=491241

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Mleyv4QAAAAJ&hl


  • Ph.D., Finance, The University of Texas at Dallas

  • MS, The University of Texas at Dallas

  • MBA, American University of Beirut

  • B.A. in Economics, with Distinction, American University of Beirut

Working Papers:


Honors and Awards:

  • BlackRock Best Paper Award, The 35th Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (AFBC), Winner of the BlackRock Award in Funds Management, December 2022.

  • Villanova University's Mid-Career Scholar Award, May 2022.

  • The Rising Star Media Award, Villanova School of Business, May 2021.

  • Editors’ Top Three Paper Award, Financial Management, Summer 2020.

  • Best Paper Award, 2019, The European Financial Management Association, Portugal, June 2019.

  • The McDonough Family Faculty Research Award, Villanova School of Business, May 2019.

  • The Financial Review Editors’ Choice Best Paper Award for 2018, April 2019.

  • Villanova University’s Scholarly Achievement Award, Villanova University, March 2019.

  • The Vincent B. DiDomenico Jr. ’88 Assistant Professor Research Award, Villanova School of Business, May 2017 – June 2019.

  • VSB Teaching Innovation Grant, Villanova School of Business, May 2017.

  • Best Paper Award, 2017 Research Excellence Awards, Center for Global Leadership, Villanova University, February 2017.

  • Best Paper Award, 2016, India Finance Association Conference, Emerald – IFC 2016 Best Paper, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India, December 2016.

  • The ETF Research Academy Grant, 2016, Paris-Dauphine House of Finance and Lyxor Asset Management, Paris, France, June 2016.

  • Best Paper Award, 2016 Research Excellence Awards, Center for Global Leadership, Villanova University, February 2016.

  • Best Paper Award, 20th Annual Multinational Finance Society Conference, Izmir, Turkey, July 2013.

  • Outstanding Ph.D. Student Teacher of the Year, The University of Texas at Dallas, School of Management, 2004.

Research Interests:

  • ETFs; Hedge Funds; Institutional Investors; Investments; Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance

Courses Taught:

  • FIN 2323 - Equity Markets and Valuation

  • MSF 8645 - Quant Finance

  • MSA 8310 - Advanced Business Applications: Analytics in Fintech & Financial Textual Analysis

  • VSB 2121 - Special Topics in Finance: Undergraduate Finance Research Seminar

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